8 Insider Pinterest tips to drive traffic to your website

Pinterest is one of the quickest and easiest social media platforms to you use.  And, importantly, when done right, Pinterest can drive good quality traffic to your site.  In fact, many sources claim that Pinterest has the one of highest rates of referral traffic vs the other social media sites.


And, importantly, Pinterest is SCALABLE!  That means that there are efficient ways to accelerate your growth and keep the momentum going without spending a lot of time.


I’ve been using Pinterest since 2012, but in all honesty, I haven’t had a real strategy behind it.  First, it was just fun and experimentation.  And, then, I just kind of learn a little bit here and there as I go.  So, I continued to improve – slowly but surely.


8 pinterest tips from an insiderI was ranging between 1600-2000 visitors/month from pinterest.  In fact, I think was lucky because a good portion of that traffic had nothing to do with me…it was driven by other pinners who pinned images from my site (and some of them had lots of followers, so those images were repinned many times).  Lucky me.  But, also, stupid me…I’m leaving a big opportunity on the table.  After implementing below tips, I quickly grew traffic to 3,200/month (almost double).


Lately, I’ve read about some incredible bloggers who have massive traffic to their sites.  And, much to my surprise, many have Pinterest as their #1 or #2 source of traffic!  Wow, what a surprise.  It was so impressive.


But, how the heck did they do it?


So, I did a bit of research.  And, now I know (or mostly know).  So, now I need to start implementing.  And, for your benefit, I’m going to share some of those secrets.


By the way, if you’d like to start your own website (either for your business or personal use), follow my article on this simple 3 step process to start a website on your own.  You’ll be surprised at how easy it is (and you can do it very inexpensively…in fact, close to free).

Pinterest - how to drive more traffic to your websiteBackground:  The goal is to drive visitors to your site (or to where ever you want to direct them (such as an online store).  This all about pinning from your site.  Yes, you want to play nice in the sandbox (and don’t spam or over saturate by sharing too many pins at once), and share others’ pins.  But, then remember…you will generally only get business from your pins/your site.  All the rest is fun (and great for generating good ideas on better images, topics, etc.).


Also, this article really isn’t about how to get more followers on Pinterest; it’s about making your pins go further.  It’s also not about whether Pinterest is right for you.  It’s simply meant to accelerate your presence and traffic on Pinterest.


I’m assuming you already have the basics of Pinterest figured out.  Soon, I will write an article for getting started on Pinterest.


So here goes.  (Some of this obvious, some is not).  Several of these points are synergistic – they will build on each other.


My Top 8 Insider Tips for getting more traffic (and business) from Pinterest.

1. Pin to Group Boards

Group boards can often be the best and fastest way to spread your reach.  This may be the best kept secret of them all.  What is a group board?  As the name implies, it’s a group of people that can share pins on a topic.  By participating in these, you see more pins, and more people see your pins…you are leveraging scale.  For example, on my pinterest profile, I only have around 1,600 followers.  But, I participate in several boards that have 10,000-60,000 followers, so every time I share a pin there, way more people can see it.  And, you have a much larger potential for them to share your pin.


Pinterest group board - flooring ideas for your homeGroup boards all have a gray icon on the bottom right (w/ a couple of people to show they are group boards.  When you open the board, the first person listed is the group board owner.  You can usually reach out to that person to ask for an invite.  Or, very often the group owner will post instructions on how to join (or if they aren’t accepting any more collaborators).


Generally, you would follow the board and the group owner and then email them a request.


IMPORTANT:  Don’t spam the group boards (or you will get kicked out in a heartbeat).  And, follow the instructions at the top of the board.  Some boards only allow 1 pin per day; they may not allow repeats or ads for products.  Just be sure to follow the guidelines and pin items that apply to the group board topic.  Share your best pins to these groups.


How do you find group boards?  One way is to check out pingroupie.  Here you can search for boards that relate to the topic of your blog and you can sort by # of followers.  You can also check out the boards of those doing well and look at their group boards.


Note:  You can also start your own group boards and invite others.  This can help you better establish your niche as well as expand your reach.


If you pin a bunch of home/decor images, you can join one my groups flooring ideas for your home or kitchen ideas for your home.  Just follow the board and me, and leave a comment below to be added.  If you’re a realtor, I’d suggest Bill Gassett’s Pinterest Real Estate Group board.

2. Pin Often – Ideally 20+ times per day

I know, you’re thinking, “What??”  or maybe even “WTH?” or some other expletive.  How the heck am I going to do that?  After all, I have a business to run, or a job, or a life.  I know…that’s what I thought too.  And, isn’t that overkill?


But let me first share why this is important and then let me share how you can do this efficiently.  This is one of my recent discoveries.  You can automate most of this.


Before I forget, I’ll mention it again – don’t spam.  And, don’t over saturate.  At the most do 3 pins at a time.  But, doing less at once and spacing out is way better for the pinterest algorithm.  It will help you rank better, and you are more likely to be seen by your followers (who may go on at all different times of day).


Tailwind Visual Marketing SuiteSo how do you accomplish this?  Well, there are 2 tools out there that allow you to schedule you pins.  The first is Tailwind.  It allows you to schedule pins and it helps track repins so you know what’s doing best.  They have a free trial, so give it a whirl.  (You have nothing to lose).


The second is Board Booster.  This program is super cool as it allows you to create a series of pins (or repins) to any board (including group boards).  It will automatically space them out for you (e.g. 1 per day) and you can even set it to loop, so it will keep reposting them as it goes through the cycle.  They also offer a free trial for 100 pins to schedule.  After that, it’s just $5/month which is totally worth it vs. the time it saves.


So give these a try – try them for free and see if they make a difference.


3.  Repin your own content

primary pinterest boardYes, you should repin your content.  Although, again you don’t want to look spammy, so repin it over time.  Pin the original to your main board, and then repin it 4-5 times to other secondary boards.  For example, I post my key blog posts to my Flooring FAQ Board.  I may then take that pin and repin it later to other secondary boards (e.g. Flooring Tips, Hot Decor tips, living rooms, Refinishing hardwood floors, etc., pending on the topic of the pin.




gray hardwood flooring on pineterestYou will do much better in the algorithm with 1 pin that has 5 repins vs 5 pins that pinned 5 times. Plus, the social proof of having more repins will help others spread the word.


After you’ve repinned a few times, then add it to one of your group boards.  If it applies to more than 1 group board, then add to that board 2-3 days later.


Also, you may want to recycle the pin a month later for another round.


Using apps like Tailwind and Board Booster will make your process much faster and systematic.


4.  Create vertical pins

8 Insider tips for pinterest - drive more traffic to your websiteYes, vertical pins get seen much longer and appear much larger than vertical pins.  They get clicked and shared more often.  I’ve made this mistake countless times.  Learn my mistakes.  Now, when I do a blog post, I create 2 similar images – one is horizontal (for the blog post and to share on FB, Twitter) and another one that is vertical.  I place the vertical one at the bottom of post and that’s the one I now post to Pinterest.


I still need to go back to older posts and add these vertical images and pins.  That will have to be one of my end of year projects.


5.  Design attractive pins…ones that other will want to repin and click

This is so important.  You want pins that others will want to pin and click through.  Avoid blurry pictures.  If you are promoting a blog post, add graphics and words.  I use Canva.com to make my images look pretty.  It’s free (although I think they have some paid options, too..or you can pay $1 for some pictures).  PicMonkey is another free application.


As you use Pinterest more and look at the feed and the group boards, you’ll learn from others.  You’ll see images and layouts that attract your attention, and then you can search and reapply.


I’ve been improving in this area since I originally wrote this post.  I’ve learned that lighter images are better (see my dark purple ones need to be adapted…I have to add to my “to do” list).  Also, images that don’t have faces are better as they are repinned less.

6. Use Pinterest as a source to your grow your database

Hopefully, you already have a database and use that for your mailing list.  Maybe you even have a CRM program.  (I use ActiveCampaign and you can learn more about it on my Resources page).


Anyway, you can do a free give away and promote on it on pinterest. The free give away could be a free email book or free info packet – whatever makes the most sense for your business.  It could even be a coupon or discount for your services.  Generally, free works.


7. Make your images pinnable on your website

Make sure that anyone can pin images from your site.  Let your website visitors do some of the pinning for you.  If you have nice images, they may want to share them.


If you have a wordpress site, there are many social sharing plugins that allow others to pin your images.  I use SumoMe.


8. Get Rich pins

If you own your own website (which you should), then Rich pins are a must.  This is free, but you have to set it up with pinterest.  These will help make your pins stand out further with bold titles and often a summary of the article/pin.  When they first came out with this, it was a really complicated process…so I delayed for about 2 years.  Somewhere in there, they made it simpler, and I think it only took me 5 minutes to get it set up.


Summary – 8 Tips to get more traffic from Pinterest

8 Insider tips for pinterest - drive more traffic to your websiteThere you have it.  Those are my 8 tips to help you accelerate your business on pinterest.  There are many out there making a killing on this site.  You can do it, too.  Just focus on making attractive pinnable pins that link to great content.  Join some group boards (and join more later), and look into the scheduling apps as they will save you a ton of time and importantly help you do much better.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.


Now pin away!


Other useful articles:




  • ACTIVECAMPAIGN (For email marketing and CRM) – I should have done this years ago! But, I’m so glad that I finally took the plunge and invested in a CRM program. If you have a customers and if you are looking to improve your close rate and/or looking for more repeat/referral business, this is a MUST HAVE.  Click here for your free trial of ActiveCampaign.
  • TAILWIND and BOARDBOOSTER (for Pinterest).  Wow.  These tools have already doubled the traffic I’m getting from Pinterest, and I’m just getting started.  And, they are HUGE time savers.  They both come with free trials.  Here’s  the free trial for TailwindAfter that, it’s just $10/month for unlimited pins (if you by the annual plan).  And, if you use my link, you’ll get $15 off your first month.  Here’s the free trial for Boardbooster.  After that, you can do a plan for as low as $5/month.  It’s totally worth it when you think about how much time it saves you and how much more effective you’ll be.


  • PINTEREST TO PROFITS COURSE – This course is by McKinzie Bean who I’ve followed online for a while. Her blog is excellent, and she is a Pinterest Whiz.  On top of that, she explains everything in layman’s terms.  I highly recommend this for those that are serious in upping their pinterest game.




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  • Eileen Begley  October 13, 2016 at 4:33 am

    Awesome article! I never even thought about Pinterest as a good source of traffic for most websites other than food! Didn’t even know such a thing as group boards existed. Thanks for all the great tips!

    • Debbie  October 23, 2016 at 6:26 pm

      Eileen – I know, I didn’t really appreciate how critical it could be until a few months ago. Glad I know now.

  • Donna Foerster  October 12, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    Great information. How do I start my own Pinterest Group?

    • Debbie  October 23, 2016 at 6:27 pm

      Donna. It’s pretty easy. Just start a new board and when you are setting it up, you have the option to invite others. I’ll try to give you a call some time.


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