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How I get business while sitting in Starbucks - my laptop sticker


When I owned my own flooring business, I would get leads while sitting in Starbucks.  I would go to Starbucks in between appointments so I could work on my estimates and have internet connection.  It was a nice environment too with coffee (and food) and music, and I found that I was generally more productive there.


The whole thing was serendipitous.  I hadn’t planned it.


Now, here’s my little secret…


My laptop stickerI had a laptop sticker.


So, while I sat in Starbucks doing my work, my laptop sticker would do the hard work and advertise for me.


The sticker was inexpensive – it only cost $15 and you could probably get done at any local printer, or even order one online.  Of course you do need to somehow make the graphics.  You can probably use a free program like or PicMonkey.  Be sure that if you have any photos/graphics that they are hi res (otherwise they may come out blurry when they are printed.


Please note that the laptop sticker looked professional (I’ve whited out the logo since I’m no longer working there) and it was glossy, so that it was easy to keep clean.  At one point, I had a white matte sticker and it got dirty within a day or two.


I just found that you can create you own design online on Zazzle.  You can choose your laptop size so that it fits perfectly.  They also have options to customize the cover for you cell phone, ipad, ipod, kindles, and many other items.


While I was sitting there, people would come up to me and ask me about the sticker.  Some of them were in the market for flooring, and voila I had instant (and free leads).  Some were realtors or owners of businesses that were related to me…and they became networking contacts who could refer business to me (and vice versa).


How I get business while sitting at Starbucks - my laptop stickerI then started wearing a branded shirt and a branded bag.  That helped as well.  Sometimes when I was on line for my coffee, people would ask me about my shirt and sometimes that would lead to more business (or sometimes, just an interesting conversation that made the time on line more pleasant.)


I found that Starbucks was also a place where many of my customers would hang out.  So sometimes, I had a customer who wasn’t ready to their flooring yet, but then 2 months later, I would run into them at Starbucks, and voila an additional closed sale.  Or sometimes, I would run into a past customer, and they were ready for their next flooring project.  Of they would be with a friend and would recommend me to their friend.


My coffee at Starbucks was more than paid for with the leads and networking I would do there.  It was a very smart investment.


Oh, and here’s another tip.  If you have a dog, get a branded shirt for your furry friend.  Most people love dogs and this will ask you about the dog, and then the shirt (i.e. your business).  You never know who’ll you’ll meet or where you’ll meet them.  But, some of them can use your help, so make it super easy for them to find you.


How I get business while sitting at Starbucks


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